My Tech Resume

Robert Mauro

Current Duties and Future Aspirations


I am a Project Manager and Information Systems Engineer with extensive experience in management of projects and teams, reverse engineering systems, cybersecurity, interface design and programming, tiered application design, network administration and systems repair.
I hope to utilize my knowledge, experience and skills to be a part of a team that brings the value of a well implemented Information Technologies department into the workflows of all other departments that are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to effectively and accurately perform job duties.


January 2012 – Present

(JAN 2012-MAR 2014 as FULL TIME Outside Contractor)

Information Systems Engineer/Project Manager
Maidstone Insurance Company

Responsible for Maidstone’s IBM FileNet P8 Enterprise Content Management infrastructure, which spanned 39 servers running 4 different operating systems. Involved in a long term FileNet P8 migration project affecting multiple external and support apps, messaging systems and all aspects of project planning.Coordinating or engaged in development in numerous programming languages required for Kofax, IBM FileNet P8 and Enterprise Content Management System maintenance, migration and expansion, including VB6/VB98, Java 1.3, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, Javascript, jQuery.Designed, coded and implemented a new front end Customer Portal and Policy Payment Management System, and integration with multiple outside payment providers and internal systems. Co-Network Admin of Maidstone Systems, maintaining 180 servers and workstations running a variety of platforms, in both virtual (VSphere) and physical configurations.

February 2018 – Present

Secondary Intelligence Officer
Maidstone Insurance Company
I was registered with New York State’s Department of Financial Services as the Secondary Intelligence Officer for Maidstone Insurance Company. As such, I was second in charge of developing, maintaining and implementing Maidstone’s Cybersecurity Program, Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan.

February 2019-Present
Acted as Maidstone’s Help Desk Administrator from February 2019 to present, during company downsizing and liquidation.

August 2007 – August 2013

Chief Technology Officer
aiBuilt, Inc
Wrote and maintain various web-based applications, including an Emergency Medical Services Database System using MySQL, REXX & PHP. Implemented OS/2 based servers, associated network infrastructure and security for EMS Solutions. Maintained various HTTPD, FTP and SQL servers, all running various versions of OS/2 or Linux. Maintained various websites and web back-ends. Administered various Windows and OS/2 networks, LAMP and wAMP (Warp, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stacks for multiple Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Services entities.

June 2005 – July 2007
January 1995 November 1996

Technical Services Manager/Repair Technician
Initially a computer, server and printer repair technician, I worked my way up to Technical Services Lead, and then to Technical Services Manager. As Technical Services Manager, I assumed responsibility for the Tech Services shop ranked last place in the company, where I molded the existing team into a coherent and functional unit who brought the shop’s Customer Satisfaction Rating up from 15% to 85% in one and a half months. I also helped manage assets liquidation during company liquidation proceedings. During liquidation, we maintained a shrink loss rate of under 2% (companywide goal was 5%).

1996 – November 1998

ISDN/T1/AlterDial Support Technician
Responsible for customer support, troubleshooting and configuration of various Cisco and Ascend ISDN and T1 modems and routers. Responsible for AlterDial support (all AOL, MSN, UUNet, and numerous Internet company’s) Internet dial up, ISDN, mail, web and server support.

September 1986 – May 1988

Computer Repair Technician
Valcom Computer Center
Worked as an IBM PC and clone PC repair technician, proficient in board level repair, systems diagnostics and customer service. Trained by IBM in house.


■ Team player, team builder, happy to find where best I fit into a team. Also able to flow from project manager to team member or vice-versa as differing projects require.
■ Always willing to learn, always willing to share knowledge.
■ Having varied disciplines allow me to find solutions not limited to any vertical disciplines by conceiving solutions based on hardware, app, middleware, UI and other disciplines.
■ Competent in UI design, systems design
■ Competent in Network administrationDatabase programming (MySQL, MSSQL, very limited OracleDB)
■ Front end and app tier design and programming proficiency in PHP, Javascript, jQuery, VB6, with a functional understanding of Java
■ Proficient in cybersecurity, and Secure-By-Design application design.


I try to stay well rounded in all aspects of my life, and enjoy team and collaborative efforts and activities, challenges, problem solving and thinking out of the box to come up with novel solutions that enable other teams to work more effectively.

Outside of the work environment, besides the normal activities of any tech enthusiast, I enjoy nature, camping, helping run or participate in various charities and volunteer activities (such as the largest Subaru Enthusiast Make-A-Wish volunteer charity event in the country), photography and construction.